It started with a dream.

After years of watching children with reading problems struggle through school, a teacher and young mother in Toronto had a dream – to teach children to read, and love it. She began by teaching her own two-year old daughter to read and, from there, Baby Bookworms was born.

30 years later, that same mother and her colleagues share Baby Bookworms with others worldwide. With over 50 years combined experience as primary teachers and librarians, the Baby Bookworms team provides parents and teachers with the tools to bring reading success to their homes and classrooms.

And the dream grew…

Baby Bookworms expanded its focus to include teens and seniors and formed collaborative relationships with local schools, organizations, and churches, uniting the entire community around literacy. Our programs also provide tools for businesses to fulfill their corporate social responsibility.

Baby Bookworms is committed to breaking down the barriers of illiteracy by providing the community with programs to grow successful, life-long readers.